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29 Palms Marine Corps Base Youth Care, Activities and Sports




Base Start Smart: Programs are primarily offered for kids 3-5 years and requires PARENT involvement. Yes, that means that you will be pregnant, your husband will be deployed and you’ll be chasing after the ball and coaching your child while holding a baby. Note that if your child is not 3 (or 5) by the time the sport starts, your child cannot participate.

  • Baseball: Registration Feb-Mar. Season April-June.
  • Sports Development: Registration May-June. Season July.
  • Golf: Registration May-June. Season August (exception ages 5-7 only)
  • Soccer: Registration July-Aug. Season September-August.
  • Flag Football: Registration Sept-Oct. Season November-December
  • Tennis: Registration Feb-Mar. Season March-April. Ages 5-6 only.

Base Youth Sports: Includes soccer, T-Ball, football, basketball. Ages 4/5+ (depending on sport) and up. This is not a parent involved program, though they love volunteers. Click for Registration.

Spring Programs:

  • Track and Field: Registration Jan-Mar. Season Mar-June. Ages 6-18.
  • T-Ball: Registration Jan-Mar. Season April-June. Ages 4-6.
  • Coach Pitch: Registration Jan-Mar. Season April-June. Ages 7-8.
  • Tennis: Registration Feb-Mar. Season Mar-May. Ages 7-16.
  • Jr. Golf League: Registration Jan-Mar. Season Apr-May. Ages 8-18.

Summer Programs:

  • Hook a Kid on Golf Clinic: Registration Mar-May. Clinic in June. Ages 7-13
  • Soccer Camp: Registration Mar-June. Camp in June. Ages 5-18.
  • Basketball Camp: Registration June-July. Camp July-August. Ages 6-18.
  • Cheer Camp: Registration June-July. Camp July-August. Ages 5-18.
  • Summer Youth Bowling League: Registration June-July. League July. Ages 7-18.
  • Co-Ed Volleyball: Registration June-July. Ages 7-16
  • Football Camp: Registration June. Camp July. .

Fall Programs:

  • Football/Flag: Registration Oct-Nov. Season November-December. Ages 7-14.
  • Soccer: Registration July-Aug. Season September-November. Ages 4-14.
  • Cheerleading: Registration Aug-Sept. Season November-December. Ages 5-14.

Winter Programs

  • Basketball. Registration Nov-Mar. Season Jan-Mar. Ages 4-14.
  • Cheer/Dance. Registration Nov-Dec. Season Jan-Mar. Ages 5-14.

All Year:

  • Star Struck Dance Studio: Tap, Ballet, Cheer/Dance, Hip Hop. Ages 3-5, 6 and up.

Base Swimming Lessons: Offered in summer. The ones at Luckie Park are $10 cheaper a session and are better.

29 Palms Parks & Recreation: List of activities from the City of 29 Palms you can get the kids enrolled in. These are services offered in town. You will probably have some military kids participating, but note, this is not a military sponsored activity. They have a fantastic swimming program and summer program for kids whose parents work or need a break. Instructional classes including: Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Cardio Dance Workout and so much more.

  • Sports programs including: Bowling, Basketball, Dance, Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, and Soccer.

Swimming: 29 Palms Swim Team: A part time competitive swim team at Luckie Park in 29 Palms. Yucca Valley Swim Team: The Sand Sharks are a competitive year-round swim team that is based out of Yucca Valley.

Pre-K and After School Programs:

Little School of the Desert: 18 mo-5 years. Christian daycare, Pre-K and Kindergarten. Mixed reviews.

Knott Sky Park: 2-6 years. Private Pre-K and Kindergarten. More recommended than Little School.

Youth and Teen Oasis: 6-12 years. Saturdays 10am-6pm. Planed events for youth and teens including crafts, movies or special events.

Teen Program: 12-18 years. $20 yearly fee. MCCS eligible family members enjoy arcade games, internet access, music, TV and just “hanging out”. Meet friends inside or under the covered patio! There are separate charges for extracurricular activities.

Exceptional Family Member Program: Find information and referrals. The Respite Care program offers 40 free hours of assistance.

Morongo Valley First Five Resource Center: Has a variety of free classes from child development, to children’s health, parenting, communication and more. Check out their website for more information.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy: Helps parents improve their relationships through gentle play. Also coaching with discipline and child management skills.

First Five Resource: Free Preschool Services are available through First Five. Please contact them for more information.