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Base Map


Closed on Mondays. Open for nightly movies.  10:30am-11:30pm Saturdays, 12:30pm-9:00pm on Sundays.

Discover the 29 Palms Facebook page

A great resource for active duty, spouses, family members and more.

Base Events

This base is great about planning things for spouses and your family. They know there’s not a lot to do, so there’s always something going on. Bingo games, entertainment like the Lt Dan Band, Texas Hold ‘Em, etc. Check out the MCCS website below to get the latest on what is going on.

Religious Organizations

There’s a catholic and protestant chapel on base with services on Sunday. CWF (Christian Women’s Fellowship) meets on Tuesdays at 9:00am at the Protestant Chapel for a Bible study class. MCCW (Military Council of Catholic Women) also has a weekly meeting.


There is a brand new exchange on base which is really nice.

Home Store

Next to the commissary. Here’s where you find toys, furniture for your home and outdoor needs. Don’t plan on buying flowers or much in the outdoor section – you’ll most likely never get anything you need there. Plan on going to Home Depot. They have no curtain rods, curtains, rugs (you can find a couple of those at the Exchange), organization bins of any kind…

Bowling Alley

Great place to take the family. They have a great and inexpensive lunch/dinner menu. Sunday evening is league night, so stay away. Weekend nights tend to be quite loud with baller’s music because of the jukebox… so beware.

Officer’s Club on Base

Open to all-hands for dining. They have themed dinners on some evenings.  The food is good and fresh fruit is fantastic! Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Hashmarks SNCO Club

Open to all-hands for lunch. Dining for dinner is for SNCO’s only. They have Monday night football, and dinner on Wednesday and Friday. The first Friday of the month is a dance night at the club.

Bloodstripes NCO Club

Open to E4-E5 servicemembers.

Excursions Club

E3 and below only.

Spouses Clubs

Join one and have some fun! Officer Wives Club and the Enlisted Wives Club (no website).

ITT (Information Tickets and Tours)

Get discounted tickets to Disneyland, Sea World, Lake Havasu Rentals, Big Bear Rentals and more. ITT is located in the very back area of the exchange.


We have a small stable facility here on base.

Base Vet

A very small facility where appointments can be made.

Golf Course

Desert Winds Golf Course features 18 holes and eatery.


We have several pools here on base. The family pool is located by the Community Center and has a kiddie pool and a deeper swimmer’s pool. The Officer Club pool also has a kiddie pool and deeper swimmer’s pool. The housing areas also have several pools.

Movie Theater

The movie theater has recently been renovated and is really nice. $2 admission or $4 for 3D movies. You will need at least 1 person with a military ID. They have free kids movies at 11:00am on Saturdays. Children under 6 are always free.

Dinosaur Park

This is a great fenced in park for those with toddlers or multiple kids to keep in check. This park is great and has picnic tables. The only caveat is the smell, it’s right across from Lake Bandini.

Skate Park

We have a brand new skate park on base located next to Victory Field.

Hockey Rink

There is a brand new outdoor in-line hockey rink on base near the skate park and Dinosaur Park.

Water Park

A kiddie water park is located behind Dinosaur Park.

Historical Park

A salute to all the men and women who have served.

BBQ & Outdoor Theatre

A newly built outdoor recreation pit for those who want to cozy up next to an outdoor fire pit, put on a band event or just hang out is available.


RV Park: Twilight Dunes


Visit the 29 Palms RV park on base or check out the RV park just outside of the gate, attached to the golf course. The base RV park is located behind Adobe Housing and has few little shade. There’s much more shade on the RV parks off base.

Carl’s Junior

This fast food restaurant is typically a huge time suck. Plan on 10-15 minutes for the drive through. Some days are hit or miss and the time is quicker, but don’t call this place fast food.

Other Food on Base

Church’s Chicken (limited parking), Dominos, a sandwich shop in the Exchange, D’Carlos Italian, Golf Course Pita Pit, Taco Bell (building is currently under renovation), and Charlie’s.