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Ode to Backups


If it is worth keeping, it is worth backing up. — T.E Ronneberg…

Have you ever lost a major file, paper or batch of photos?  Ummm I have!  This weekend I lost everything on my website.  Argh!  Nothing feels as bad as accidentally deleting files and having to recover and rebuild everything from scratch. I have countless hours in the site and to lose everything was devastating.  Thankfully, I was able to recover part of my project but it took thirty plus hours to try to get everything back online.

Just a few days prior, I smelled a burning plastic smell and discovered that my friend’s memory stick with over six months of her children’s photos was melting. Her memory stick contained all the joys of the last six months of their life but luckily we were able to recover the images.

One of the reasons I love Costco so much is that they have eight years of my photos stored online and will keep all of my images as long as I place one order a year.  My message to all of you, a friendly reminder to back up your computers and photos. It will save you much heartache, grief and time.  And maybe one too many cocktails.

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