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AWOL Marine who went to border to “hunt” Mexican traffickers spent $5k on weapons first


The US Marine Corps has court-martialed a Marine who went missing to hunt down child traffickers along the US-Mexico border.

Job Wallace, a corporal stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, reportedly purchased firearms and ammunition prior to his disappearance in his home state of Arizona.

Prior to leaving, Wallace searched the internet for information on “how to survive on the run, how to make money while homeless, and punishments received by military deserters.”

The reason for Wallace’s disappearance became more clear after his brother ratted him out to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), telling them that four weapons were missing from his house and that the Marine had talked about “getting rid of child traffickers.”

Armed with an AR15, an M1A, a shotgun and a 9mm handgun, Wallace set out to the border, purchasing a few thousand rounds of ammunition and obtaining a second handgun along the way.

According to NBC San Diego, he spent around $5,000 on various supplies needed for his one-man crusade, and was eventually caught by law enforcement last fall outside of Richland, Texas.

“[Wallace] admitted to purchasing several firearms and ammunition, with the intent to traverse the corridor between Dallas and Houston to identify and locate child human traffickers,” read a police report.

Wallace was handed over to NCIS and is being separated from the US Marine Corps.

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