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Army is fatter than all the branches; Marine Corps is leanest but not by much


The US Marine Corps is the skinniest branch of the US Military- but not by a whole lot.

A 2018 RAND study of 18,000 randomly selected US Military participants from all branches revealed that 66% of all servicemembers are overweight or obese, at least according to military body mass indexing standards.

The US Army was the heaviest branch in the 2018 report, with 69.4 percent of troops falling into the “overweight” category. The Coast Guard took second place at 67.8 percent, followed by the Navy (64.6 percent) and the Air Force (63.1 percent).

The Marines scored the lowest on the list (which is a good thing) at 60.9 percent, but the number was still over fifty percent (which isn’t so good).

According to Military Times, troops are also not getting enough sleep, with nearly ten percent across all services needing sleeping medications-on a relatively regular basis- just to get a little shut-eye.

Of all the services, the Marines seem to have the second-highest amount of troops with sleeping issues, with the Army being the most weary-eyed branch of all.

The US Navy has already begun looking at new ways to improve sleep for sailors, including overhauled watch schedules that better align with sailors’ circadian rhythms.

The RAND Health Related Behaviors Survey has been issued to the DoD on an annual basis for three decades.

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