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April is the Month of the Military Child


Did you catch my article over at Marine’s Blog? April has come and gone and so has the official month of the military child. But the good news is it’s May and it’s now Military Appreciation Month! Really I think we should celebrate our kids all year long because they sacrifice so much to be part of our world.  Give your kids a big hug and take them out for a treat this weekend! Here’s the start of the article below.


Service members put their lives on the line and face adversity whether forward deployed, supporting or preparing for war. In most veterans’ minds, the real heroes are their children who didn’t choose this life, but follow along and serve quietly on the homefront. April is the Month of the Military Child. It’s a small gesture to say thank you for the countless days, weeks and years lost with their loved one.

Some children’s sacrifices begin earlier than others.

A staggering number of families go through the birth of a child while the dad is forward deployed. Many of these same families also endure missed birthdays, special events, and holidays — sometimes several years in a row.

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