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App Review: Military Cost Cutters


military cost cutters app reviewOne of the many perks of being in the military is receiving discounts at various stores and businesses. Most places don’t advertise their military discounts and therefore you have to ask. Thankfully, Military Cost Cutters is here to help!

The App can be downloaded from iTunes or on the Android market. After downloading the app, you will find the places in your area that offer military discounts.You can search by zip code or by City and State. If you allow the app to locate you, it will find the discounts closest to your location.military cost cutters app review

Military Discounts Unlike many other discount apps, you don’t have to register in order to view discounts. If you do decide to register, you are able to review discounts and businesses and you can also upload new discounts for other people to use.

Job openings This app appears to be in the beginning stages of development.  With the help of its users, the amount of information has the ability to grow exponentially. Adding discounts that you are aware of will increase the efficiency of this app.military cost cutters app review

Once you type in your search area, you are able to view the discounts in that vicinity. Once you click on the business, the discount’s details, the website, contact info and map location appear. This makes it simple to locate where you need to go to get a fabulous deal!military cost cutters app reviewmilitary cost cutters app review

The app also has the capability of QR code scanning for information that is stored within a code and links to a url. State of the art technology at your fingertips!

Because it’s a new app, there are some kinks that will need to be worked out! First and foremost; add more discounts! This is up to the military community to take the 15 seconds to add a discount to the app. The more discounts uploaded, the more productive the app will be.

Secondly, the ability to type in the city name instead of having to scroll through every city in your particular state is another change needed. If you have the zip code, the search is more time efficient. If you decide to register, your username will be your email address. The app doesn’t state that your email will be your username.  Don’t panic when you try to login! Overall, Military Cost Cutters has provided an extremely useful app. Looking forward to the app growing and adding more discounts!

military cost cutters app review


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    • It’s free for anyone to use. Some of the discounts given may be only for active duty, but some may be for any veteran. You’ll have to take a look at each one to see. Thanks for writing!

  1. What a wonderful post and i appreciate all the efforts that were put towards helping us make this mobile app better. As a big fan of this website i will continue to support the efforts here as well. Thanks again!


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