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A New Congressional Award for Military Kids


MFAN-Military_Youth_Toolkit_Page_1What is the Congressional Award?

The Congressional Award is a public-private partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize the achievements of young Americans, no matter where they live.

Why participate in the Congressional Award program?

The Congressional Award program helps military youths become independent, strong, and caring community leaders. The characteristics of military youths – including strong community ties, social skills and resilience – are reinforced through volunteerism.

The Congressional Award program offers opportunities for military youths to volunteer and to gain the support of a mentor who provides additional stability in their lives.

The Congressional Award is a great opportunity for military youths to get involved in their communities and work toward goals that matter to them — and they can participate no matter where they live or if they move.

For a closer look at the program requirements, click to download this PDF to learn more.

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