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6 Gifts for a Long Distance Relationship (That Aren’t Flowers)


Long Distance Relationships gifts best things to send on deploymentAt some point or another, all military relationships have one thing in common: distance. No matter the length of your relationship or how many deployments and separations you have under your belt, a long distance relationship always needs to be fostered—through communication and thoughtful gestures. And gifts during a separation can feel monotonous—especially if you’re not especially creative. If you’re looking for a gift that isn’t a bouquet of flowers, but that can still be delivered to your loved one’s door, we’ve got you covered. All of the following gifts can be ordered and sent online. Some of them are weird. You’ve been warned.

Send a Message in a Bottle… Literally

This gift is a little goofy—but completely unique. Timeless Message has a variety of options in bottle shape, size and color, but all come with 3 basic ingredients: a bottle, a message (written by you), and a decorative effect like flower petals or seashells.

Star in a Romance Novel

This gift is literally novel. While it might not be 50 Shades of Gray, Your Novel offers the ability to personalize and send a romance novel to your loved one. There are a bunch of—in their words—“campy” selections. Just include a photo for the cover, a few personal details, and choose a “wild” or “mild” plot. The books can be ordered as hardcovers, paperbacks, or ebooks.

Create a Mixtape

Sadly, no one ever made me a mixtape before they went out of vogue with the advent of mp3 players and CDs. (It’s a travesty.) And that’s why I love Milktape. For $15, you can create a 15-song mixtape (remember those?) that looks like a cassette tape but houses a USB drive. It also comes with a clear, plastic case that will take you back to the 1990s.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Did I say chocolate? Chocomize offers all kinds of insane creations that will make your mouth water while you’re browsing their website. (Not that I’m wiping drool off my keyboard.) They offer chocolate selections with amazing combinations—chocolate bacon truffles, strawberry and champagne chocolate hearts, and s’mores chocolate bars. Here’s where it gets really awesome: you can design and send a completely customized chocolate bar or heart. Choose your toppings, decorations, and chocolate. (You can even add 23 karat, edible gold flakes or crystalized rose petals. )

Send… Yourself?

If your loved one just wants a Yes Man (or Woman) around, send a bobblehead of yourself. No, I’m not joking. There are actually quite a lot of personalized bobblehead websites out there. Make Bobble is one of them and offers custom figurines (and wedding cake toppers, too!).

Make Her Melt… a Candle

Hidden in each Diamond Candle pillar candle is a ring that is worth up to $5,000. Every candle contains a ring, so there’s the excitement of seeing what is uncovered as it burns down. It’s a cute idea…as long as your loved one has a bit of patience. (By the way, this might not be the best gift to give if you haven’t proposed yet.)


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