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4 Fun and Easy Summer Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained


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Ready or not, summer is here. Chances are pretty good that your kids are itching to get involved in something – anything – other than being around their siblings. You may be left wondering where to discover activities to get your kids involved.

Let’s face it, there’s a myriad of events ranging in price from free to crazy expensive, but worth the dough.

City parks and recreation:  This is a great place to looking into youth activities.  Most cities offer a competitive rate and allow you an opportunity to try some new things, sometimes cheaper than going to the business itself. Their unprecedented access to businesses, parks and opportunities are hard to compete with.

Community colleges:  I love community colleges because they offer a variety of programs including photography, sewing, pottery, computer and robotics classes… and of course sports camps from bocce ball, to swimming, tennis and more. The one downside to community colleges are that they expect your kids to get themselves from one class to the next, so it may not be the best option for your family unless your child is older and you feel safe leaving your child in the community environment.

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4 fun and easy summer ideas to keep kids entertained

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