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31 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage


I came across Singing Through the Rain and asked the author, Kathryn, if I could republish this article. I felt there were so many great resources utilized, that anyone from any relationship could benefit from something included here, whether you’ve been dating a few weeks to few decades.

The holidays are coming up and the weather and festivities can be a really great way to rekindle your passion in your relationship. I’ve always said that it takes two to work at a relationship, but if you feel your partner could be doing more, chances are, so could you. Put forth a lot of effort and do the things you used to do for your partner when you first met them and utilize some of these great ideas for a few solid weeks and see what happens! i

Now here comes the good stuff, in the words of Kathryn…


I am always looking for new ways to be a better wife or to show my husband that I love him. I have so many ideas saved that I thought I would share. You can never do to much for marriage because it can always get better!

I looked up to see what the words “spice up” meant and I found it means: “To make something more interesting, lively, or sexy.” And that is exactly what this list holds. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hold hands. Not only hold hands, but hold hands at a least unexpected time and surprise your spouse.
  2. Use candles and rose petals. Need I say more..? Come on it’s not as cheesy as it sounds. I’ve Kissed the Ground You’ve Walked On.
  3. Have a date night. It doesn’t have to be once a week, it can be even just once or twice a month, but utilize it! There are plenty of ideas around the internet that are cheap, fun, and even some ideas you can do at home! Creative Ideas for Romance on a Budget, The Dating Divas: Strengthening Marriages One Date at a Time, Can of Dates, Date Night Gift Idea, 30 Ideas for a Date Night at Home, and Never a Dull Date.
  4. Ask Questions.50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on a Date Night & Get to Know Your Spouse Questionnaire.
  5. Leave love notes. Leave them around the house, in the car, in your spouse’s lunch bag… Be creative! Post-It Love & Candy Bar Love Notes.
  6. Be spontaneous. Do something spur of the moment that you don’t do very often or have never done before.
  7. Take a vacation. Just you and your spouse. Even if it’s just one night away at a local hotel. You know it will be fun…
  8. Surprise your spouse.10 Ways to Surprise Your Spouse.
  9. Flirt. You know you used to do it and you can do it again! Five Ways to Flirt With Your Husband.
  10. Change up your bedroom. Make your bedroom a sanctuary. One for you and your spouse that is special for you both. Make it a place where you can get away, where the children aren’t allowed, and where you can feel at peace and rest. Romantic Tips for the Bedroom.
  11. Save for your dream vacation – in a very unique way! All you need is a dollar… and A Small Metal Box.
  12. Say, “I love you.”101 Ways to Tell Your Husband, “I Love You” & 50 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him.
  13. Text. Use your phone to send your honey special messages just for him. If your spouse can’t use their phone at work during the day, leave texts for them to find when they get out of work.
  14. Make a “Together Let’s…” List.Together Let’s…
  15. Make Love.29 days to great sex.
  16. Make the best of the holidays.12 Lays of Christmas & A Very Grown-Up Christmas.
  17. Dress up. Have a dress-up date. Wear something fancy and convince your husband to wear a suit and tie. Go out on the town or stay home and have a romantic dinner.
  18. Take a challenge.“31 Days of Love” Marriage Challenge.
  19. Play a game.The Game of Love, The Newlywed Game & Two Minutes in Heaven.
  20. Pray together. Ok I know this doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the list, but I promise you, once you start praying together you will start to feel closer to each other. You will see a difference.
  21. Inspire each other.50 Ways to Inspire Your Husband.
  22. Leave each other messages.“Love” Message Board.
  23. Have a sleep over!Slumber Party… for 2.
  24. Read a book.The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun), Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, & Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon’s Crazy in Love How-To Manual.
  25. Set up a romantic dinner at home. Make your spouse’s favorite dinner. Use your pretty glasses from your wedding. Make it a theme. “Hungry for Your Love” Romantic Dinner at Home.
  26. Keep a traveling journal.10 Things that Have Made All the Difference.
  27. Get a massage together.
  28. Give your spouse a massage.
  29. Try something new.Adding a Little Variety.
  30. Use love quotes and lyrics. Ever hear a song or see a quote that just describes your relationship perfectly? Look them up and use it in a love note to your spouse, or find it in print and frame it in your room. Quotes and lyrics have the power to let you tell your spouse how much you love them even if you can’t find the right words to say. 75 Quotes on Love, Marriage, and Relationships.
  31. Kiss. Not just a peck on the cheek, but a real kiss. Kiss like today is the last day you will ever see your spouse again.

Meet Kathryn, writer of Singing Through The Rain. She is a 25 year old military wife currently stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia and is the mother of a child with special needs. She started started her blog in 2009 and writes about recipes and books, but her passion is writing about marriage, motherhood, and military life and encouraging women in these areas. Visit her Facebook Page to keep up to date with her latest projects. Thanks Kathryn for sharing your article with USMC Life!


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! My husband is going through what we think is the beginnings of mid-life crises. I’m looking for ways to keep up his spirits. Have you read Love & Respect by Dr. Eggerich? I would add its Biblical course to this list. Again, thanks!


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