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29 Palms childcare worker arrested for child abuse

Cadwallader Pam Facebook
Pamela Cadwallader. Photo: Facebook

TWENTYNINE PALMS — An employee at the child care center at Twentynine Palms Marine base has been arrested and cited for cruelty to a child.

Pamela Cadwallader, 61, of Twentynine Palms was picked up by Sherriff’s deputies and taken into custody after reports of apparent cruelty to a child. She was cited and released, according to the San Bernardino County sheriff’s inmate location website.

Earlier in the month, deputies were dispatched to the Child Development Center at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center on March 17th, for an investigation into possible child abuse, according to a sheriff’s department news release.

A new release has been issued with their findings of that investigation:

Through an ongoing investigation, deputies found that a caregiver at the facility inflicted abusive physical punishment on the victims. The investigation revealed evidence that led to the arrest of Pamela Cadwallader. Cadwallader was booked into the Morongo Basin Jail for PC 273a(a) Cruelty to a Child

Cadwallader was booked into the Morongo Basin Jail for PC 273a(a) Cruelty to a Child

In March, 2014 — reports of child abuse surfaced at the same childcare center aboard 29 Palms base.

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  1. Arrested, cited, and released? For two counts of child abuse?? Why released? I don’t understand, she needs to be in jail. Also, the fact this location had previous child abuse reports just 2 years ago is disturbing. This is the childcare center that these Marines & their families can most afford and should trust the most as it is from the military. There needs to be some drastic changes made to this childcare center, and some better vetting of its workers.

  2. First of all, this childcare center wasn’t open in March of 2014. Secondly, if there is blame, it lies in moving an employee from an age group they are familiar with and have worked with successfully for many years to an age group they are not experienced with and providing NO additional training. Pam was an excellent care provider and I know because she cared for my child a few years ago at the previous child care facility.

  3. I find this extremely hard to believe after working with Pam for a couple years- even in the same classroom for several months.

    She was one of the kindest caregivers and ALWAYS did right by the children and made sure they were put first.

    I just have an awful feeling that someone has put the blame on Ms. Pam because there was a lot of shadiness going on with management there… And Pam did not tolerate any of it.

    This just blows my mind.


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