Home News More than $1,500 of Toys For Tots items stolen from Texas warehouse

More than $1,500 of Toys For Tots items stolen from Texas warehouse

Toys for Tots
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Police are investigating the theft of approximately 150 toys which were stolen from a Texas warehouse which held donations for Toys For Tots.

Police went to the scene at 11800 block of Darby Avenue in Fort Smith about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday responding to reports of a break-in, according to the Times Record.

Toys For Tots representatives reported that some of the items donated have gone unaccounted for in the last few weeks, according to the Police Department, and amounted to more than $1500 in stolen donations. They believe the thieves removed the warehouse door off its hinges to gain access.

Listed among the items stolen were ’30 art sets, 20 craft sets, 15 bottles of nail polish, 10 large make up sets, 10 sets of bath products for girls, eight purses and scarves, eight basketballs, eight remote control cars and trucks, six sets of bath products for boys, six boy’s wallets, six Bluetooth radios, five remote control helicopters, five footballs, five binoculars, four large trucks, three telescopes and one bicycle for a girl’ as published by the news report.

Anyone with information regarding the crime is encouraged to call the Fort Smith Police Department at (479) 709-5100 or 78-CRIME.

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