Sep 15

Giveaway: #CelebrateLife as a Marine Family on Catalina Island

Celebrating Life on Catalina Island Marine Corps family 300x298 Giveaway: #CelebrateLife as a Marine Family on Catalina IslandWe were ready to kick back for the weekend, visit somewhere locally, and reconnect with some quality time together. Perhaps your family is like ours where our active duty military member has been continually deployed, and when he’s not deployed, he’s working extremely long days.

We were given a special opportunity on behalf of USAA to visit Catalina for a day of fun in the surf and sand. Psst — USAA is giving away a $300 gift card, so make sure scroll down and enter for your chance to win!

Most of us stationed in Southern California know that Catalina is an island, so if you don’t own your own boat, you can hop aboard the Catalina Express ferry via Dana Point or Long Beach using discounted tickets from ITT on base. The other option is taking a helicopter flight. We had the opportunity to fly Island Express - who also offers a military discount – from Long Beach to Catalina.

We arrived at the Long Beach facility and checked in 30 minutes prior to boarding. We were allowed to bring 25 pounds of gear per passenger, so we handed over our bags complete with beach toys, towels and water for the afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 13

DVIDS Launches ‘DefenseTV,’ the First Official US Military HD Internet Site and Channel on Roku

ATLANTA, Ga. – More and more consumers are seeking ways to escape cable company contracts and pre-packaged bundles. In response, companies are competing to scoop up “cord cutters” with technological advancements like over-the-top boxes, smart TVs and mobile devices. Today, DVIDS joins the cord cutting revolution with the introduction of “Defense TV.”

“DefenseTV” is the first official online U.S. Military over-the- top box service to offer live feeds and hand-curate elite content about the troops, by the troops. Designed to be a top-ranking source of military news and entertainment, “DefenseTV” will showcase popular topics or let the viewer search and select what they want to watch. Additionally, “DefenseTV” will allow you to “Choose Your Mission” from your living room through Roku and Google Chromecast. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 12

Now Is the Time to Purchase: Have You Considered a VA Home Loan?

A VA Home Loan May be Just Right For You

VA Home Loan Now Is the Time to Purchase: Have You Considered a VA Home Loan?The VA Home Loan Program makes it much easier for veterans to secure a home than with other loan solutions. This program is available to veterans only and is guaranteed by the U.S. Veteran’s Administration.

Frequently VA home loans offer lower interest rates than conventional financing, and the underwriting guidelines typically make it easier for veterans to qualify for their home loan.

With today’s low interest rates, purchasing a home with a VA loan is often much less expensive than renting.

W.J. Bradley proudly offers government-backed VA home loans for veterans. These loans have many advantages over other types of home loans, as outlined below: Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 08

Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon Established

Combat Instructor Ribbon 300x156 Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon EstablishedWASHINGTON –

The Secretary of the Navy has established the Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon which will be formally announced in a pending MARADMIN.

As requested by the Marine Corps’ Schools of Infantry, this special duty assignment ribbon takes its place alongside ribbons recognizing the service of drill instructors, recruiters, and Marine Security Guards.  This visible form of recognition completes the growth of the Combat Instructor military occupational specialty into a fully formed SDA as first outlined in ALMAR 056/02 and expanded in MARADMIN 295/03. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 08

Your Chance to Win Redskins Suite Tickets, RGIII Jersey, or Entrepreneur Coaching

We are kicking off the official start of NFL Footballl Season with a giveaway valued over $2,000!  

1st Place…Two Executive Suite tickets

Tennessee Titans vs. The Washington Redskins. DC area only, must provide your own transportation

Sunday, October 19th — FedEx Field Landover Maryland (VALUE $1,500)


Suite View Your Chance to Win Redskins Suite Tickets, RGIII Jersey, or Entrepreneur Coaching

View of the Redskins Field from the Suite

Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 05

I Fought For You: Why Veterans Day Matters

America sometimes has a short memory. We can get caught up with the busyness of life, but it’s important that we stop and thank our veterans for our freedoms that we enjoy today.

Sep 02

New flash-bang launcher expands Marines’ non-lethal capability

By Carden Hedelt, Marine Corps Systems Command Public Affairs | Marine Corps Systems Command | August 29, 2014
Tube Lanched Munions System New flash bang launcher expands Marines’ non lethal capability

Marines with II Marine Expeditionary Force practice loading and unloading inert rounds into the Non-Lethal, Tube-Launched Munitions System during their practical application training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Aug. 14, 2014. (Photo by Lance Cpl. Justin Updegraff)

For Marines running roadblocks and vehicle check points, identifying an oncoming vehicle as a threat is a decision that has to happen quickly and at standoff range because lives are on the line. A new system being fielded to II and III Marine Expeditionary Forces, Reserve Units and Marine Corps Forces Central Command will give Marines more certainty when distinguishing friend or foe.

The Non-Lethal/Tube Launched Munition System is a vehicle-mounted 40mm grenade launcher, which has a digital fire control and can shoot between one and 30 non-lethal rounds, depending upon the need. The rounds, which contain four flash-bang submunitions and fire from three banks of 10 launchers set for distances up to 100 meters, are visible out to 600 meters. The ammunition is an “all-up round,” meaning there is no assembly or disassembly required.

“Marines require something to be able to hail and warn from a distance” said Anita Tate, non-lethal team lead for NL/TLMS for Marine Corps Systems Command’s Infantry Weapons Systems. “What we have is a very safe, very easy-to-use system that will allow Marines guarding military checkpoints to better determine the intent of an approaching vehicle.” Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 31

Marine Corps Boot Camp Receiving vs Other Military Branches

A quick look at how receiving differs throughout all the military services.

Marine Corps Boot Camp vs Army Basic Training (Boot Camp)

13 weeks vs 10 weeks

Air Force Basic Training (Boot Camp) – 8 weeks

Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 28

Corps Values: Preparing for Promotion Boards

By Verda L. Parker | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | August 28, 2014
Promotion Boards Corps Values: Preparing for Promotion Boards

Staff Sgt. Johnnie M. Encarnacion, procurement specialist, (Photo by Verda L. Parker)

Many things factor into preparing for a promotion board, whether studying Marine Corps history, brushing up on current events or just scrolling through an individually-generated checklist.

No matter one’s current rank in the Corps, at the end of the day, a “squared-away” Marine is in pursuit of getting selected for that next grade.

Some of the installation’s fellow Marines weighed in with suggestions, which may answer some questions on steps to improve one’s competitive edge when going before promotion panels or other boards.

According to Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Walters, company first sergeant, Headquarters and Support Company, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, although book-based knowledge is important, he advises Marines to “not get tunnel vision.”

“The first thing that comes to mind when a Marine starts thinking about a board is, ‘I’ve got to study, I’ve got to remember my knowledge, I’ve got to master all of it,’” Walters said. “That’s only one factor of the whole equation. Just like we do everything else, it’s the whole Marine concept. So, they have to look at the big picture. And, they can’t get that tunnel vision.” Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 25

11 Great Back to School Traditions

Back to School Traditions 272x300 11 Great Back to School TraditionsBack to school traditions abound, whether parents follow the latest trends, or carry out traditions established from their childhood.  However, most families agree it’s really about creating lasting memories and having fun together. It seems there are as many Back-to-School traditions as there are first day jitters, but let’s admit it… the nerves aren’t solely from the kiddos. We parents fret about the series of events leading up to the Big Day too and wait on pins and needles to hear positive reports so we can celebrate with a shared happy dance. Perhaps the reasons for constructing memory lane – besides the obvious recall of events to provide our children for when they’re grown, is that maybe, just maybe, they can appreciate all that we did for them.  After all, much time passes between the first photo holding a “First Day of Kindergarten” sign until they too have children of their own, or perhaps they’re simply older and it finally clicks… they finally understand parenting sacrifices, right? Traditions also provide a beautiful way to celebrate our children’s life while also nurturing and comforting them during an intimidating time. Military children are unconventionally resilient when it comes to familiarizing themselves with ‘the new.’ However, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel uneasy while they make the transition. Taking action to create and share a moment with them helps reassure them they aren’t alone as they face a monumental day. Read the rest of this entry »

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