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UPDATE 5.3.17: I’ve spoken with the HQMC distribution management office at Henderson Hall — they’re investigating and will provide a response on May 4th.

UPDATE: 5.4.17: I just got off the phone with HQMC and they stated that the military is sending out an inspector from Norfolk onto the property. They also stated they have been in contact with the servicemember’s name listed on the photo below and that he is still active-duty, so the photos advertised were misleading. They’re looking into potential wrongdoing including false advertisements about the shipments to include punitive damages against the shipper and other parties involved. They will release an official message shortly. The company has currently pulled the boxes from being auctioned off.


A storage company is getting ready to auction off “unclaimed” military household goods. 105 boxes to be exact. They’re sealed boxes which tells me they haven’t done much investigating to try to connect the household goods to the military member.

Gene Daniels AuctionWorse is that they’re trying to pawn off the items as containing possible “hidden treasures” because the military members were stationed overseas in places like Italy, Germany, Spain and Bahrain.

Unclaimed Shipments from Overseas…These Shipments are unclaimed household goods / personal property of military members who were staioned in locations such as Italy, Germany, Spain an Bahrain. Many Military members take advantage of their time stationed in these faraway places and purchase unique furniture pieces and decorative items handvrafted in these countries. HIDDEN TREASURES…The contents of thee shipments have not been seen and containers have been sealed since originally packed overseas. The shipment(s) you bid on may contain such items as antique furniture, china, crystal, artwork, TV’s and other electronics or possibly collectors’ items.

ON SITE Auction-Sat. May 6th at 9AM Bay Area Mover’s Inc. 1-Victory Ct. Portsmouth, VA 23702 Unclaimed Government/Military Appx 105 Storage Containers.
Container Doors will be removed minutes before bidding.
For More Info, Listing and Pictures Visit:

This is absolutely ridiculous. Someone needs to do something to stop this — anyone know who to call or report this to?? Please use the hashtag #stealingfromfreedomfighters on your social media.

Additionally, someone noticed this name on one of the crates:

Moving pic

At a minimum, please join me in writing on their Facebook page and let them know this is unacceptable.


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