Marine veteran Bryan Craddock was going through a difficult time and crashing at friend’s homes while on active-duty Marine. Craddock struggled with the loss of Marines he served with and then found his life falling apart shortly thereafter.

“My marriage failed, my family failed, I felt like I failed… I didn’t know where I was sleeping next, I was staying at friend’s houses…” says Craddock.

Craddock took grocery money and scraped together enough to create 20 shirts and sold them out of his truck. He’s gone from being homeless to being in a highrise.

“It’s probably the best feeling I could ever imagine, my life is on track, I’m helping others,” explains Craddock.

His organization is Risen Through Pain.

Craddock talks about his inspiration for creating the apparel line:

Bryan grew up in the small town of Brownwood, Texas. Growing up he had two options: either work for a factory, or get out of town. He learned at a young age that there was a lot more in the world to experience. So at 18 he joined the Marine Corps and within 17 months found himself in Iraq fighting the war.

Things were going well but one phone call changed his life. He was told that his mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness that affects her immune system and puts her in constant pain every day with no cure. Shortly after, he went through a divorce and was sleeping at a friends house with his 3-year-old son. He lost all sense of direction and passion.

But then it hit him. A vision to take all of his life experiences, pain he’s endured, and create a family to help others be RISEN.

“It all happened to me for a reason and true adversity tested my will. I’m not beaten, I’m RISEN.” -Bryan

*This article has been updated to reflect that the Marine is still active-duty.