Jan 28

What To Wear On Valentine’s Day: A Guide

This will be the first Valentine’s Day my Husband and I have spent together in three years, so we are planning to celebrate it big. I have already started to brainstorm my outfit choices, and wanted to share some ideas with all you lovely USMC Life readers. Hopefully, they will inspire your ensemble for this years day of LOVE!

The Daytime Look:

If you don’t have big plans but still want to add some V-Day red to your outfit, this would be a great comfortable and casual look. I love, love, love these red polka dot pants from Old Navy. You can pair these with a plain white tee and some simple gold flats.

The daytime look 300x297 What To Wear On Valentines Day: A Guide


A Night In

Spending the night at home can still make for a fun and romantic evening. It also doesn’t have to be spent with a lover. Last year I indulged in chocolate fondue and lots of champagne with my best girlfriends. It was such a blast and I felt just as loved. This look is all about comfort!

A night in 300x300 What To Wear On Valentines Day: A Guide


 A Casual Date Out:

If your Valentine planned a more informal date like going to the movies, then this would be a perfect outfit! I love the feminine lace top with the boyfriend jeans. Also, how cute is the red clutch with the lips!

Casual Date Out 298x300 What To Wear On Valentines Day: A Guide


 The Dinner Dress:

You can’t go wrong with a sexy little red dress and some classic black pumps for a romantic evening with your love. I adore the little gold heart earrings, they add a perfect V-Day touch.

The Dinner Dress 300x300 What To Wear On Valentines Day: A Guide


The Big Surprise:

Maybe your guy is going to surprise you this year! In that case, I would recommend wearing an outfit with a dressy denim bottom. You might still go on that romantic dinner date but maybe you two will end up playing pool at your favorite dive bar. This look can go either way with the dark jean and red lace peplum top!

The Big Surprise 298x300 What To Wear On Valentines Day: A Guide

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there. Whatever you do this year, I hope your day is filled with lots of love and happiness!


  1. Alyssa

    Hi. I totally love the casual date night outfit. My boyfriend was planning on taking me to the movies and I was wondering where I would be able to find that outfit

    1. USMC Life

      Alyssa, the links to the clothes are in the article, just check for the underlined parts. However this article was posted last year, so they probably won’t be available, but you could probably find something really close.

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