USMC Life provides an overview of every major Marine Corps base focusing on specific base information, military housing and photos, schools, youth programs and sports, getting to and from each installation and popular links helpful to Marines and their families.

Check out our blog for spotlight on companies we love, insight on base and family life, military news and more.

The site also provides resources for fiancés and new military spouses, Tricare healthcare, military discounts, free money for education, moving and PCS tips, separating from the Corps and more.


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Share  The Inception of USMC Life A few years ago, my Marine asked me what I thought about which Marine Corps Base I would prefer over another… I didn’t know anything about either duty station and ended up spending hours googling, only to get exhausted in the search with nothing concrete in hand. I knew …

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ShareListen to Semper Feisty Radio and join USMC Life’s Founder, Kristine and fellow Marine Corps spouses Jackie, with different approaches and perspectives on life in the Corps, current issues, family life and more. We’re sorry to announce that we have put a hold on our radio show. Jackie is moving to Korea and we’ve got a …

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Maj. Daniel Grainger 2015 Leftwich recipient

Marine recognized for Embassy mission in midst of ISIS rise

ShareThis year’s prestigious Leftwich Trophy went to a Marine Corps infantry officer who was the leader in a tense embassy-security in Iraq during the rise of the Islamic State. In 2014, Maj. Daniel Grainger served as the commander of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines during deployment with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit that lasted close …

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A New Congressional Award for Military Kids

ShareWhat is the Congressional Award? The Congressional Award is a public-private partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize the achievements of young Americans, no matter where they live. Why participate in the Congressional Award program? The Congressional Award program helps military youths become independent, strong, and caring community leaders. The characteristics of military youths – including strong …

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