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Lifelock for Military Families

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Share  The Inception of USMC Life A few years ago, my Marine asked me what I thought about which Marine Corps Base I would prefer over another… I didn’t know anything about either duty station and ended up spending hours googling, only to get exhausted in the search with nothing concrete in hand. I knew …

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Live Events

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ShareListen to Semper Feisty Radio and join USMC Life’s Founder, Kristine and fellow Marine Corps spouses Jackie, with different approaches and perspectives on life in the Corps, current issues, family life and more. We’re sorry to announce that we have put a hold on our radio show. Jackie is moving to Korea and we’ve got a …

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Brothers in Arms, dealing with the after effects of war

Share In 2011, Lance Corporal Erik Galvan deployed to Afghanistan when he was 19. Three months later, he was on the lookout for IEDS ahead of his squad when he approached a forbidding wooded area. His squad leader, Sgt. Daniel Wheeler, ordered him to proceed and was several feet behind him. Learn more about the …

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Marine Corps Osprey

3 Star Testifies: 20 percent of Marine Aircrafts are Grounded

ShareReports have surfaced that an astonishing 20 percent of all Marine aircrafts are grounded. According to the Marine Corps’s top aviator, this will impact training, making deployments much more difficult for Marines. Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for Aviation, spoke about how Marine aviation has been affected by the …

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